Scientific Self-Expression: How My Journey Led to My Research Aspirations

By: Ximena Leon My journey towards scientific research has never been a clear path. I was introduced to scientific research my freshman year of college, merely three years ago. I was invited to join an Introduction to Biology Research course at my community college taught by Dr. Elvira Eivazova. I was enrolled in the Pre-HealthContinue reading “Scientific Self-Expression: How My Journey Led to My Research Aspirations”

Neuroplasticity as it Pertains to the Black Experience: My Niche in Science

By: Guyton Harvey Science has always been a part of my life and my interests, but only once I was able to relate it to my experiences did it become a part of my identity My first research experience was the summer before my freshman year of college, when I was invited to participate inContinue reading “Neuroplasticity as it Pertains to the Black Experience: My Niche in Science”

Finding Your Niche

By: Kristen Smith It has always been instilled in me the act of service. From establishing my own community service club on Tougaloo College campus in 2018 to serving free lunch meals at my local community kitchen, I am always finding a way to engage in community service. I have always been interested in theContinue reading “Finding Your Niche”

Finding My Niche in Medicine

By: Madelyn Terhune When I was younger, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I loved animals so caring for them felt like the logical choice. High school changed that. I’ve always liked science, but love for it grew when I took a medical science course in my freshman year at Henrietta Lacks High Health andContinue reading “Finding My Niche in Medicine”

Freedom of Choice Unlike Any Other Career

Br: Grace Garrett As I was growing up and encouraged to explore career areas, I didn’t realize at the time how wide of a field science is. Current scientific research can be used for application in all aspects of life and this limitless quality is one of my favorite things about science today. I enjoyContinue reading “Freedom of Choice Unlike Any Other Career”

Finding my Niche: Biomedical Engineering

By: Alexander Martinez Lopez Lifetimes are filled with anger, sadness, fear and despair but they are also full of joy, serenity, hope and love. It’s all part of life, and life is hard. Life doesn’t come with a set of instructions, but everyone will experience these ups and down, from everyday challenges to traumatic events.Continue reading “Finding my Niche: Biomedical Engineering”

Navigating Science Through My Lens *

By: Alexandra Filipkowski Science is an act of “self expression” because it allows me to question and explore my reality. To elaborate, before I was exposed to the world of scientific research I felt that my questions that ranged from topics in health disparities to exercise to mental health could only be answered by aContinue reading “Navigating Science Through My Lens *”

Finding My Niche: My Journey in Science

By: Logan Long Self-expression is something that is incorporated in every aspect of our daily lives. There are endless ways people can express themselves whether it’s through their clothes, how they style their hair, how they act, or even how they talk. Ultimately, self-expression should be individually guided and not something pre-determined by others. ItContinue reading “Finding My Niche: My Journey in Science”